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Made for Life

Kalare incorporates the latest in innovative R&F technology through a feature-rich "one system" approach for clinical and productivity enhancements. Designed with extensive customer input, Kalare creates new standards to:

  • Improve image quality
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Enhance patient care

Patient-Focused Care

Following our Made for Life philosophy, Kalare is optimized for the most demanding clinical environments by ensuring that more exams are performed with ease, comfort and speed.

  • 90/45 degree tilt table for easy adjustment of patient position, even with large patients.
  • High table weight capacity and increased tabletop to image intensifier aperture comfortably accommodates sizeable patients.
  • All digital imaging significantly reduces examination time.
  • Multiple dose management features help lower exposure to patient and operator.
    • 3 Dose mode control 
    • LIH Store 
    • LIH Virtual Collimation 
    • Fluoro record 
    • Grid Control Pulse Fluoroscopy 
    • Enclosed Kalare tub

Clinical Applications

Kalare is perfectly suited to a wide range of radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations with advanced technology to ensure superb image quality and help reduce radiation exposure to both patients and clinical staff.

  • Powerful high-frequency 80kW generator provides anatomical programs and automatic exposure controls for optimized x-ray techniques, ensuring delicate to ample x-ray penetration power for small to large patients.
  • An advanced high heat capacity X-ray tube reliably supports heavy work loads and large patents.
  • High-performance megapixel CCD imaging provides superb high contrast, high resolution images for superior diagnostic power.
  • J-type image intensifier enhances fluoroscopic images to improve procedure effectiveness.
Magnetic Resonance
X - ray
Cardiovascular X-Ray
Computed Tomography