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Mennen Medical®  is a leading international corporation, developing and marketing cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology systems, as well as patient monitoring and clinical data information solutions. For over four decades, Mennen Medical®  has led these fields worldwide, combining cutting-edge technological achievements with an uncompromising corporate culture of passionate customer service and personalized care. Furthermore, Mennen Medical®  maintains a highly established international sales infrastructure, with presence in dozens of countries worldwide. 

Mennen Medical®  is a privately owned company, with headquarters located in Israel and fully owned subsidiaries in the US and UK. The company employs around 250 staff members along with its sub contractors and distribution channels throughout its international operations. 
Since 1963, Mennen Medical® has been committed to developing and marketing reliable, durable and top-quality products. Understanding the importance of accuracy in its field and implementing a zero-error policy, Mennen Medical® develops superb equipment designed to suit specific clinical needs and the dynamics of healthcare work environments.   
Mennen Medical's R&D team includes top level engineers, scientists and programmers, dedicated to addressing the changing and rapidly evolving needs of these markets. Furthermore, the company benefits greatly from its substantial international presence and close links with hundreds of hospitals across the globe.

Personalized Customer Service
As a boutique-oriented company, Mennen Medical® invests in client service and personalized relationship as one of its utmost priorities. The company's dedicated support team and development staff makes sure to maintain ongoing contact with customers, in order to continuously learn their changing needs and furnish them with the tailored solutions they require. Mennen Medical's staff of professionals upholds continuous post sale support and customizations efforts, including a professional support center, keeping them in-tune with international customers' preferences, requirements and detailed input.

In a market largely influenced by large scale enterprises, Mennen has succeeded in maintaining its flexibility and technological leadership throughout its years of existence, providing clients with the precise solutions they need and delivered with the type of service they deserve.